Haiti – 218th Flag Day : Message from the Embassy of Haiti in Washington
18/05/2021 10:30:23

Haiti - 218th Flag Day : Message from the Embassy of Haiti in Washington

As part of the 218th anniversary of the creation of our National Bicolor, the Embassy of Haiti in Washington in a note “extends its warmest and most patriotic wishes to the Compatriots who live and work in the United States of America, in particular, and all Haitians, in general, on the celebration of the 218th anniversary of our National Flag.”

The Embassy recalls “Inasmuch as the Congress of Arcahaie materialized the birth of the Nation, on the eve of the epic events of January 1, 1804, which had started in 1791, leading to this decisive crossroad in the existence of our dear Haiti, compels us to establish a patriotic front in order to bring about the necessary lasting changes and to move away from the prevailing destructive tendencies, so that the Republic of Haiti can recover its glory and the fullness of its Independence and its Sovereignty.

Indeed, the spirit and the achievements of the historie Congress of Arcahaie challenge us. Naturally the Arcahaie Congress invites us to rally the daughters and sons of the Nation around the restauration of our national greatness and pride. We are called today, more than ever, to lead, in unity, civic duty, and patriotism, the good fight around our Flag. We must achieve this feat ofunity despite our many difference ….

This 218th celebration of the creation of our National Flag takes place at a time of great peril for our country. Indeed, the moment is propitious for introspection by ail patriots. Also, it compels us to end the current fratricide and retrograde self-destructive path, which can only prolong the unspeakable sufferings of our va liant and resilient population.

May the inspiration of our Ancestors, on that venerablc day of May 18, 1803, serve us all as a precious guide for overcoming our differences and lead us to the much-desired national unity.”

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