Haiti – 218th : President Moïse pays tribute to the Heroes of Independence
19/05/2021 09:00:46

Haiti - 218th : President Moïse pays tribute to the Heroes of Independence

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, President Moïse accompanied by his wife Martine went to the altar of the Fatherland at the Champ de Mars, for a floral offering ceremony in honor of the Heroes of independence in the presence of the Prime Minister ai Claude Joseph, resigning members of the government, representatives of the Provisional Electoral Council, of the High Staff of the Armed Forces of Haiti.

Subsequently at the National Palace, the Head of State gave a speech from which we publish some extracts

Extracts from President Moïse’s speech :

“[…] With this gesture, we paid homage to our ancestors for having created our two-tone which is a symbol of peace, unity, fraternity and freedom.

[..] In order for our ancestors to accomplish this great project, they put aside everything that divided them, whether it was questions of color, questions of ideology, questions of social class, questions of interest. They had a motivation, the ideal of greatness : Union is strength, that means coming together to fight for freedom.

May 18 is Flag Day, as is University Day. No country can develop without the human resources of the University. Young academics need good examples. We in the State, in the private sector, in the political sector, we must serve as role models […]

The State and the University must walk hand in hand and not face each other […] Happy feast and continue to make the University a space for debate where social problems arise and to help find solutions. solutions.

[…] The youth of my country, the women of my country, the new Constitution must concern us all. It offers opportunities for young people and women to access any political office more easily. It is an opportunity for the diaspora, for young people, for women to marvel […] Peasants, brothers and sisters living far away if we let this opportunity pass, we should not be surprised to lose it completely. We will never again have the opportunity to vote for a new constitution that would allow the state access to communal sections.

[…] The country must organize elections by the end of 2021. To be President, I went to the polls and I have the duty to return power to his master who is the people, to decide who he wants for direct it. I can’t empower people in short passes. […] ”

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