Haiti – 220th Vertières : Message from the Consulate of Haiti in Montreal
19/11/2023 08:43:46

Haiti - 220th Vertières : Message from the Consulate of Haiti in Montreal

Saturday, November 18, 2023, as part of the commemoration of the 220th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Vertières, the Consulate General of Haiti in Montreal delivered a message to all Haitians that we invite you to read and share.

Message from the Consulate of Haiti in Montreal :

“Dear compatriots,

Today, November 18, 2023, a great uproar, shattering part of our history as a people, is tearing apart the atmosphere of the country and the Haitian community abroad. We found ourselves humming melodies that rocked our childhood.

Suddenly, we discover the thing within us: the celebration of the Battle of Vertières.

The blood of the heroes of national independence, more than ever, circulates in our veins. We feel like custodians of a sacred heritage and invested with a noble mission. Yes, this historic date is forever anchored in our subconscious as free people.

All our compatriots are well imbued with the patriotic songs sung in Vertières and sing in chorus in certain difficult situations that the country is experiencing the well-known refrain ‘Grenadiers, to the assault, sa ki mouri zafè a yo’. However, today, we must take inspiration from these songs to attack other fortresses that keep the country in the darkness of illiteracy and underdevelopment.

All of us, without exception, must do the work of introspection in order to know ourselves better in order to be able to give the best of ourselves for our country. We must recognize that we are heirs of a country whose dignity, independence and sovereignty must be safeguarded. In all our actions, we should keep in mind this strong declaration by Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines in the Proclamation of the Country’s Independence on January 1st, 1804 : ‘We dared to be free, let’s dare to be free by ourselves and for ourselves’.

Yes, an independent country has been bequeathed to us and we should take care of it with a keen sense of responsibility by building a rule of law instead of systematically destroying state institutions, creating a situation of chaos by sabotaging the Constitution and all sovereign and democratic institutions,

Nowadays, unfortunately, our dirty laundry is no longer washed at home and the Haitian crisis is one of the items on the agenda of many meetings of international organizations with a regional or global vocation. We must feel a pang in our hearts when, instead of promoting the country’s interests in diplomatic spheres, our representatives devote a lot of energy to discussing solutions and draft resolutions on the country’s internal situation.

Quite often, absorbed by discussions on the country’s problems, they cannot devote the time necessary to develop their contribution to the debate on the main international questions of our time which threaten, in certain cases, the very survival of the humanity.

Were all the sacrifices made by our valiant ancestors to give us freedom made in vain ? We have no right to dishonor their memory by plunging into endless internal disputes. We must face the facts that the Fatherland is wasting away while we give free rein to our disputes.

It is to be hoped that all political, social and economic forces in the country will make a commitment, once this bad milestone has been reached, to no longer let the country fall back into these inextricable chaotic situations which have shattered dreams of progress and well-being. being of several generations of Haitians, In the union that creates strength, let us overthrow the barriers that stand before us.

Long live November 18! Long live the Haitian people! Long live Haiti !”

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