Haiti – Agriculture : Minister Sévère supports the private poultry sector
20/05/2021 10:30:02

Haiti - Agriculture : Minister Sévère supports the private poultry sector

Wednesday 19 May 2021, in order to inquire about the problems faced by agricultural businesses, Patrix Sévère the Minister of Agriculture, accompanied by Dr Haim Corvil Joseph Coordinator of the Health Protection Unit, Maxène Estime Advisor in animal production and several other officials of the ministry paid a visit to officials of Haiti Broilers in Lafiteau, a company that operates in poultry production.

The Minister spoke with Company Director Carl-Eric Staco about the challenges and opportunities related to this sub-sector. It was notably a question of the availability of raw materials for the production of feed for laying hens and broilers, agricultural credit, technical constraints related to poultry production in Haiti, the impact of the pandemic and the rate changes on production.

Carl-Eric Staco, pointed out several obstacles to the development of poultry production in the country, among others, the cost of raw materials which continues to rise on the international market, the instability of the exchange rate and access to credit with the Haitian banking system.

Showing himself very sensitive to what is happening in the agricultural sector, the Minister reassured the entrepreneur, affirming that it is possible to produce in the country, in particular at the level of the Plain of Les Cayes and in the department of the Artibonite the 20 tons of corn needed for food production and he promises to do everything to achieve it.

The Minister’s idea is to achieve a kind of complicity between the State and production companies, stressing that the role of the State is to create the conditions to stimulate the development and growth of private companies with a view to an effective revival of the agricultural sector.

This meeting also aimed to encourage agricultural entrepreneurs to continue on this path with a view to achieving food sovereignty in Haiti. Stressing that poultry production is one of the main branches of activity in the agricultural sector, Minister Sévère said he was determined to support poultry farmers, a sub-sector that provides jobs, which could contribute not only to the creation of wealth in the country, but also to the reduction of the deficit of the country’s trade balance which continues to increase.

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