Haiti – Anse-à-Veau : Monitoring of the works on the Froide River
01/02/2024 08:50:36

Haiti - Anse-à-Veau : Monitoring of the works on the Froide River

Started in November 2023, the work of reprofiling, cleaning and protecting the banks of the Froide River aimed at protecting the local population from flooding during the rainy seasons is progressing well in O’Rouck, a locality in the commune of Anse-à-Veau.

Let’s remember that within the framework of this contract, the consistency of the cleaning work, the reprofiling of the bed, the damming of the banks over a total length of 800 linear meters, the construction of a protective masonry wall of rocks over a length of 100 linear meters and the erection of a protective gabion wall over 100 linear meters.

During a field visit carried out recently by the local coordination of the “Resilient Productive Territories (TPR)” project, it was noted that the construction of 100 linear meters of rock masonry dike has already been completed and that the firm is well on its way to work and suggests that the delivery time will be respected.

One of the engineers assigned to the TPR project infrastructure department, Willio Jean Baptiste, estimated the completion rate at 40%.

This work to protect the banks of the Rivière Froide represents a project of crucial importance for the population of ‘O’Rouck and protect the area from the risk of flooding of agricultural fields located near the river as well as livestock.

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