Haiti – COVID-19 : The Mayor of Santiago asks to close the borders
24/05/2021 08:58:40

Haiti - COVID-19 : The Mayor of Santiago asks to close the borders

On Saturday, the Mayor of Santiago, Abel Martínez, called on the Dominican government to immediately close the border with Haiti in both Pedernales and Dajabón, after health authorities in Haiti admitted the presence of variants of the viruses. Brazil (P1) and the United Kingdom, (B.1,1.7) considering “[…] it is a real time bomb which can explode at any time […] The only way to guarantee that this threat does not become not a catastrophe for our Nation is to close the border […]” estimates the Mayor of Santiago.

Martínez recalled that specialists said that Sars-Cov2 [Covid-19] mutations have been found to be more contagious and affect younger subjects, unlike what happened with Covid-19 which affected elderly people with of co-morbid factors.

He said that if a cordon sanitaire had been established with Haiti at the start of the epidemic it becomes much more urgent and necessary to establish it when “we are threatened by a Nation, whose citizens who are not vaccinated come to our country easily and without Covid test is required as all nations have established […]”

Finally, Abel Martínez, indicated that the forecasts in Haiti are not good while Haiti has just declared a State of Emergency for 8 days https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33789-haiti-flash-president-moise-declares-a-state-of-emergency-in-haiti.html

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