Haiti – Economy : New job opportunities for young people in Haiti
27/05/2021 07:14:46

Haiti - Economy : New job opportunities for young people in Haiti

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) this week in Port-au-Prince officially launched the Pilot Project “Integrated Services for the Development of Economic Opportunities and Job Creation”.

This project aims to promote the integration of young people in the dynamics of economic and social development; contribute to poverty reduction and provide young people with the means, tools and space necessary to achieve their potential goals.

Funded by the UNDP, this pilot project will be implemented in the West department with particular attention to young people from precarious neighborhoods and will mobilize in an inclusive and participatory manner various actors from civil society, the private sector and groups of women in order to act in a certain area on unemployment and support the creation and management of new businesses by young people.

The main expected results are articulated around 3 axes : entrepreneurship, employability and digital cash transfer with the aim of supporting certain young people in their job search, allowing others to create their business and provide some others provide cash support so as to strengthen their income-generating activities.

1 – Employability axis :

  • Creation of a digital training and support platform (job placement and information centers on the labor market). The Office of the Secretary of State for Youth, the Association of Volunteers for Democracy (AVD) and the organization BANJ have joined the initiative to develop and implement a digital platform called “Boussole,” which will serve as real benchmarks for future users. Advocacy on the integration of young people, training, financial support and online coaching are some of the main advantages for the employability and entrepreneurship axis).
  • Training of young people and reinforcement of specific skills in job search;
  • Placement of 50 young people in company internships;
  • Advocacy for the employability of young people.

Entrepreneurship axis :

  • Coaching of 80 start-ups or business ideas for the development of their business plans;
  • Funding of 10 business plans;
  • Capacity building of young entrepreneurs in credit management, fundraising and partner search, quality management;
  • Identification of opportunities for the creation of SMEs in value chains (Promising projects: agriculture, livestock, e-commerce).

Digital cash transfer axis :

  • Financial support to 300 vulnerable families, mainly those managed by young women, with a view to increasing their income-generating activities;
  • Partnerships with 7 Women’s Associations for the implementation of these activities.

“I am particularly delighted to see, through this initiative, the actors who are gathered during this event and those who will be involved in bringing a stone to this noble edifice which is to serve young Haitians”, declared Stephanie Ziebell, Deputy Resident Representative for UNDP in Haiti.

This “Integrated Services” project will be set up in partnership with, among others, State entities including the Ministries of : Social Affairs, Status of Women; industry and commerce; Secretary of State for Youth and various civil society partners : CEDEL Haiti, the Chamber of Commerce of Women Entrepreneurs of Haiti, PUSH and the ECHO Haiti Group.

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