Haiti – Education : Presentation of online final transcript formats
30/04/2024 10:08:52

Haiti - Education : Presentation of online final transcript formats

The Ministry of National Education informs that the formats of the final transcript (end of year decision) for each student and of all the subjects required for the first and second cycles of fundamental education, for the third cycle of fundamental education and for secondary level are ready.

Thus, the Ministry presents 3 transcript models (downloadable at the end of the article). Each school principal is responsible for implementing this decision by recording students’ final grades online at the end of the year for all classes on the Ministry’s platform.

Regarding the 4 new compulsory subjects (Citizenship Education, Technological Education and Production Activities, Physical and Sports Education, Aesthetic and Artistic Education) at the fundamental school this year, which is very important for the training of another type of citizen for Haiti, the Ministry takes the opportunity to emphasize that it has decided to give all students 50% of their grades, as is done in other countries in times of crisis and particularly during the first year of experimentation, which is a pilot phase.

Furthermore, the Ministry will continue to move forward in the process of digitizing all school data in the country. More than 2 million students are already registered (2,007,877) on the ministry’s online platform, in addition to 17,817 schools and 80,273 teachers.

Each of these students has a unique school identification number, necessary for the registration of school candidates for State exams. This number will make it possible to guarantee the “traceability” of each pupil and student, from kindergarten to university and also to facilitate students in obtaining transcripts and diplomas through the Ministry’s offices and on the online platform.

Consequently, from now on, the list of end-of-year decisions which includes the final mark of each student must be established online. It is the responsibility of the schools which must carry out this operation on the Ministry’s platform.

It should be noted that these models of final transcripts proposed by the Ministry, do not replace the end of year report cards at school for each student. It is the responsibility of each school principal to provide students with a report card at the end of the year.

It is a tool that is there to respond to the requests of mothers and fathers, if the children change schools, or for other needs that may be necessary. This will also ensure, at all times, that each student’s data is protected against manipulation, and in the event of a disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire and others. And it will be easy to access this data online, allowing the Ministry and other authorities to facilitate the authentication, certification and legalization of these coins, in accordance with the regulations.

Download the model transcript examples: Secondary 1, 5th fundamental and 8th fundamental (PDF in French) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/modeles-releve-notes.pdf

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