Haiti – Education : Support for Scientific «Creolephony»
27/02/2024 10:34:32

Haiti - Education : Support for Scientific «Creolephony»

As part of the efforts made to promote, develop and enhance the use of the Creole language and as indicated in the ruling which creates the National Education Fund (FNE), in its article 28, which requires financing the activities higher education and scientific research, the Ministry of National Education announced that it has decided to create a fund to support production in Creole language called “Support for Scientific Creolephony”.

The National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (KONASTI), created on July 29, 2022, has the mandate to work on this semi-annual funding.

“Support for Scientific “Creolephony” must prioritize:

– Funding for individual researchers, research teams or organizations working to develop the Creole language;

– Participation within the framework of academic and scientific personnel who teach, develop or promote the Creole language;

– Participation in international Creolephony networks and programs;

– Scholarships that encourage research and scientific exchanges in Creole language;

– Scientific Prizes to encourage production in Creole language such as bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral dissertations.

The MENFP, in collaboration with the National Education Fund (FNE), will begin with an initial allocation of 500,000 gourdes. This money will make it possible to finance planned activities, such as rewarding students who complete a dissertation or thesis in Creole according to criteria that KONASTI will have to set based on academic excellence in the writing of the work, the relevance of the subject for the transformation of Haiti, contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field and all other necessary criteria.

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