Haiti – Education : The Ministry condemns the attacks on schools
15/04/2021 10:42:06

Haiti - Education : The Ministry condemns the attacks on schools

The Ministry of National Education was amazed to learn that teachers and administrative staff in some schools and public entities have reportedly started a strike to demand a debit card. He regrets the method used by demonstrators who violently entered schools by forcing students and staff to leave their workplaces and breaking certain school materials.

The Ministry condemns these attacks on schools, wherever they come from, under the pretext of protest, whatever the circumstances. “It is unacceptable and intolerable that this barbaric and retrograde practice continues to affect the functioning of Haitian schools and violates the right to education of our children.”

Regarding the request for the debit card, the Ministry specifies that the Haitian State “has made enormous efforts in spite of a difficult socio-economic context in order to offer this privilege and this advantage to the personnel of the Ministry in addition to the salary increase granted at the start of the fiscal year. The process is in its final phase before the card is delivered to the concerned parties, depending on the availability of the Treasury,” adding “it is inconceivable that teachers could refuse to deliver the service for which they are regularly paid with taxes from the population, under the pretext of an expected debit card which is not a legal right, according to the Law on public service, but rather a privilege and a social advantage.”

The Ministry denounces this behavior and calls for the sense of responsibility of teachers and all members of the administrative staff for the resumption of public service for the supervision of students and the continuation of learning activities. He asks the departmental directors of education and the directors of high schools and fundamental national schools to take all measures for the normal resumption of classes in the affected areas and to adopt “the necessary measures against those who penalize children while they are duly paid for doing their work.”

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