Haiti – Environment : 11 Million Euros from France, to support biodiversity in Haiti
19/06/2021 10:05:15

Haiti - Environment : 11 Million Euros from France, to support biodiversity in Haiti

This week the Ambassador of France in Haiti, José Gomez accredited in Haiti signed several memoranda of partnership agreements for a total amount of 11 million Euros to support the biodiversity sector in Haiti (announced in February 2021 https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-33066-icihaiti-france-11-million-euros-for-the-haitian-fund-for-biodiversity.html )

This project supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) aims to endow the Haitian Fund for Biodiversity (FHB) https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-27834-haiti-environment-creation-of-a-haitian-fund-for-biodiversity.html a sustainable financing capacity for conservation, mainly in the country’s protected areas, which will improve the living conditions of the communities that depend on them.

The program is structured around 2 components:

The establishment of an endowment fund (10 million euros). This endowment fund will be managed by the regional fund Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), which already manages funds provided by the World Bank and KFW https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-28117-haiti-environment-$10-million-in-aid-from-germany.html, for the benefit of the FHB. The annual interest generated is paid to the FHB for the benefit of conservation projects.

Technical and institutional support for the FHB (1 million euros), in order to provide it with tools, studies and resources in order to strengthen its operation and the National Air System Protected (SNAP). The FHB is the contracting authority for the project.

Remember that the Caribbean is considered a global “hot spot” for biodiversity. In Haiti, 36% of 5,000 plants and 75% of 2,000 vertebrate species are endemic. This rich and unique biodiversity is found above all in protected areas. Haiti has 31, all of which are inhabited by communities that derive their livelihood from them.

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