Haiti – FLASH : 2nd version of the preliminary draft of the new Constitution
20/05/2021 09:35:27

Haiti - FLASH : 2nd version of the preliminary draft of the new Constitution

The Independent Advisory Committee (CCI) for the development of the draft of the new Constitution has made available the second version of the text of the preliminary draft of the new constitution of Haiti.

Since January 29, 2021, date of the presentation of the first draft of the preliminary draft of the new constitution https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-32926-haiti-flash-preliminary-draft-of-the-constitution-official-full-text.html , the CCI has embarked on the important work of collecting and analyzing the largest number of comments and proposals produced in relation to the draft constitutional text. For this, the Committee organized several citizen meetings which allowed more than 1,550 people to express themselves directly on the content of the first version of the preliminary draft of the new constitution.

For the development of this new version, the Committee analyzed the various comments and contributions produced by more than 150 community organizations, women, young people, students, traders, people with reduced mobility, among other actors of Haitian society who saw behind this process an opportunity to endow the country with a new constitution. In order to provide a second version of the document commensurate with the public debate, the members of the CCI also studied the various recommendations conveyed in the press and on social networks.

The revision of the text contains important modifications which, while proposing a new political system, strengthen the independence of the public authorities and the democratic achievements of the amended 1987 constitution. Indeed, the changes go in the direction of strengthening and independence of the judiciary which will have as a fundamental basis the recruitment of judges by public competition. Also, a redefinition of the composition of the Constitutional Court is now proposed, with the aim of being able to count with a body capable of resolving in a balanced way the conflicts linked to the interpretation of the fundamental law.

In the same spirit, a revision was carried out with regard to the immunity of elected officials a way, according to the text, to guarantee a balance between the functions and responsibilities of the latter, which, if necessary, will have to respond for their acts before the High Court of Justice.

Finally, the new text puts in place new guidelines aimed at protecting democracy, through a more independent Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) and an Electoral Tribunal capable of examining and resolve electoral challenges.

At the end of the many meetings held over the past three months, the CCI allows itself to congratulate all those who contribute, directly or indirectly, to this collective effort carried out in the best interests of all Haitians.

Aware of the scale of the challenge, the CCI remains open to comments and invites all Citizens to read this new version of the preliminary draft, to share it, and to produce recommendations on the text that will be proposed during of the referendum, scheduled for June 27.

Download the second version of the preliminary draft of the new constitution (Creole and French PDF) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/18052021_2AVANTPROJET.pdf

Download the first version of the preliminary draft of the new constitution (PDF in French) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/CCI-CONSTITUTION_Projet-de-Constitution-2-fevrier-2021-20h00.pdf

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