Haiti – FLASH : Binational markets open 5 days a week
28/06/2021 08:54:02

Haiti - FLASH : Binational markets open 5 days a week

On Saturday Dominican President Luis Abinader and Víctor-Ito-Bisonó, the Minister of Industry and Commerce ordered that binational markets in border provinces now take place 5 days a week Monday to Friday and not just two days a week on Monday and Friday.

This decision was immediately supported by “Compromiso Santiago” a group of companies and professional associations from Sandtiago de los Caballeros, the country’s largest province.

“Compromiso Santiago” believes that this measure will allow the normalization and increase of trade between the two Nations, which will result in an improvement in the quality of life of citizens on both sides of the border.

This decision will also help distract the crowds of buyers and vehicles that previously focused on two days in indescribable chaos, especially in Dajabón.

“The benefits of this decision will begin to be felt as businesses and individuals adjust to this new reality, taking advantage of a more attractive business environment […]” Compromiso Santiago said in a statement after thanking the decision of the Dominican Government.

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Compromiso Santiago is made up of the Association of Industrialists of the North Region, the Association of Traders and Industrialists of the Dominican Republic, the Corporación of the Industrial Free Zone of Santiago, the Chamber of Commerce and Production de Santiago, the Association for Development, the Association of Companies of the Free Zone of Santiago and the Council for the Strategic Development of the City and Municipality of Santiago.

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