Haiti – FLASH : Christian Aid Ministries forgives the kidnappers of the 17 American hostages
19/12/2021 08:48:42

Haiti - FLASH : Christian Aid Ministries forgives the kidnappers of the 17 American hostages

Friday, December 17, 2021, following the release the day before of the last 12 American hostages (out of 17) kidnapped in Haiti on Thursday, October 16, 2021 by the “400 mawozo” gang https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-35497-haiti-flash-the-gang-400-mawozo-released-all-the-american-hostages.html all members of Christian Aid Ministries, David Troyer, Director General of the congregation writes on the website of the congregation “It is with great joy and deep gratitude to God that I confirm the safe return of the 17 staff members of the Ministries of Christian Aid who were taken hostage in Haiti by the 400 Mawozo gang. An American plane left Haiti with the hostages released yesterday [Thursday] afternoon. Everyone, including the 10 month old baby, seems to be doing quite well.”

He also delivers a message to the Haitian people “We say thank you to the many people of Haiti who have expressed their regret for this incident and offered us their prayers and words of encouragement. Although it has been a very difficult time for everyone involved, Christian Aid Ministries wishes to continue walking with you in the future as best we can. You have responded resiliently to the crises that followed, and we sincerely hope that your country will flourish both economically and spiritually.”

Finally addressing the kidnappers the congregation offers them forgiveness “We do not know all the challenges you face. We believe that the violence and oppression of others can never be justified. You have caused great suffering to our hostages and their families. However, Jesus taught us by word and by his own example that the power to forgive love is stronger than the hatred of violent force. Therefore, we offer you forgiveness. The hostages made it clear to you how you can also be forgiven by God, if you repent. Our desire is that you and all who hear or read this statement may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Son of God and the Prince of Peace. Jesus died for all so that all could be saved.”

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“Christian Aid Ministries” has been working in Haiti for 30 years, the people taken hostage and our other employees are in Haiti:

  • Enabling thousands of poor children, often in remote areas, to attend school.
  • Providing help and hope to widows, the elderly and the disabled.
  • Provide medicines for the sick and nutritional products for malnourished children throughout the country.
  • Provide education to pastors.
  • Provide Bibles, Bible story books, and other Christian writing.
  • Oversee the reconstruction of houses destroyed or damaged by the recent earthquake.
  • Organize our “work for pay” program, which includes projects such as road construction and installation of water systems. (These projects give the unemployed the opportunity to do meaningful work supporting their families, while providing critical infrastructure to communities in need.)

In conclusion to answer a question asked many times “Didn’t these people know that it is dangerous in Haiti? David Troyer replies “Yes, they knew that, but we go to dangerous places in many parts of the world. Why ? Because that is usually where the greatest needs are. This is what Christian aid ministries have been doing for decades.”

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