Haiti – FLASH : More than 1,000 new cases and 43 deaths in the country
29/05/2021 05:15:12

Haiti - FLASH : More than 1,000 new cases and 43 deaths in the country

The last published report from the Ministry of Public Health dated 23 May 2021 reports 130 new cases and 5 new deaths (4 West, 1 Artibonite) in 24 hours (14,258 confirmed cases and 307 deaths since the start of the pandemic). This brings the number of new cases to 1,088 and to 43 deaths for the first 23 days of May 2021 (latest data made available by the Ministry).

The situation in hospitals (Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, “Zanmi Lasante”, Delmas and Hôpital Saint Luc in the West (100% of its capacity reached)), is tense and the number of admissions sustained. People with Covid, arrive in increasingly serious conditions with comorbid factors and the lungs very affected…

Cases confirmed by department :

West: 10.004 (+103)

North: 871 (+10)

Center: 739 (+7)

Artibonite: 720 (+7)

Northeast: 386 (unchanged)

South-East: 310 (+2)

South: 306 (+1)

North-West: 293 (+1)

Grand’Anse: 243 (unchanged)

Nippes: 165 (unchanged)

Distribution of confirmed cases by age :

0-9 years: 352

10-19 years: 618

20-29 years: 2,722

30-39 years: 3,920

40-49 years: 2,622

50-59 years: 1,742

60-69 years: 1,282

70-79 years: 686

80 years and over: 314

Cumulative deaths by department :

West: 149

North: 42

Center: 21

Artibonite: 40

North-East: 6

South-East: 10

South: 6

North-West: 14

Grand’Anse: 13

Nipples: 6

Distribution of deaths by age :

0-9 years: 10

10-19 years: 5

20-29 years: 17

30-39 years: 20

40-49 years: 40

50-59 years: 55

60-69 years: 58

70-79 years: 60

80 years and over: 42

Suspected case of COVI-19 :

Anyone with a fever greater than or equal to 37.5 degrees Celsius, or with a recent history of fever (within the last 14 days), with or without cough with or without breathing difficulties, body aches, chest pain and unexplained headache. Anyone with a sudden change in taste (dysguesia or ageusia) or smell (hyposmia or anosmia) without associated rhinitis.

In children : all the signs mentioned above plus a deterioration in the general condition, diarrhea or isolated fever, especially in children under 3 months, should be referred to a doctor.

Recommendations :

The Ministry of Health recommends to the population, the scrupulous respect of barrier gestures in general the systematic washing of hands, the respect of the physical distance 1.50m between people and the compulsory wearing of the mask in public places and in particular:

  • Always cough or sneeze into your sleeves or elbow, never into the other’s face or hands;
  • Use paper tissues to wipe your hands or face and then throw them in the trash and wash your hands afterwards;
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcoholic water. It is also possible to use a “sanitizer”;
  • Avoid contact with anyone with flu-like illness and invite them to seek treatment;
  • Avoid contact with vulnerable people if you are sick;
  • Avoid greetings like handshakes and kisses;
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth if you have not washed your hands;
  • Avoid gatherings of people.

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