Haiti – FLASH : Protest by the Embassy of Haiti in Paris against M6
18/05/2021 10:27:55

Haiti - FLASH : Protest by the Embassy of Haiti in Paris against M6

Following the broadcast of a report entitled “Haiti: the law of gangs” (Haïti : la loi des gangs) broadcasted Sunday, May 16 on the French television channel M6 as part of the program “Enquête exclusive”, the Embassy of Haiti in Paris expresses in a note of his strong protests at some of the false allegations contained in this report.

Protest note from the Haitian Embassy in Paris :

“[…] The Embassy wishes to firmly deny any connivance of the authorities with bandits wanted by the Police, as the report seems to suggest. The Embassy regrets that the report presents as verified information a rumor that the Haitian State had to buy back an armored vehicle briefly detained by bandits for $80,000, without supporting it with evidence, as the ethics would require in matter.

The Embassy protests that the report has oversimplified the situation in the country. It is regrettable that the magazine failed to present the facts which show that the current situation is essentially the result of an enterprise of political destabilization orchestrated against the President in office and not of initiatives of the Haitian authorities. The facts also demonstrate this fallacious construction : the Haitian authorities have no interest, both nationally and internationally, in allowing this unacceptable security situation to continue.

For example, the weapons of war held by armed groups, widely exhibited in the report, were neither imported nor distributed by the authorities. They are the work of oligarchs and former elected officials with a non-democratic project, with the clear intention of creating a ‘situation of chaos’ favorable to the pursuit of their prebends on public resources.

This is how Father Briand, recently released from the yoke of a group of criminals in Haiti hhttps://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33612-haiti-flash-all-religious-hostages-have-been-released.html explained to him that they had created their gang thanks to the funding of former elected officials, corroborates the facts by specifying : ‘When these deputies and senators lost their power, they let go of these gangs who found themselves without income.’

To sum up, the insecurity observed in the capital region is largely fueled and used for political ends by a few oligarchs opposed to the ongoing reforms.

Finally, the Embassy is surprised that the report presents the situation of public tranquility that reigns in Jacmel as exceptional, even though it is the daily life of most of the country’s large cities such as Cap-Haitien, Port-de- Peace, Hinche, Les Cayes or Jérémie. To suggest, as the report does, that the whole country would be under the influence of gangs is an unacceptable untruth.

The Embassy asks the M6 ​​channel to revise its report to include the factual elements expressed in this note and hopes that measures will be taken in the face of this latent disinformation.

Paris, May 17, 2021

HL/ HaitiLibre

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