Haiti – FLASH : The Brazilian and English variants detected in Haiti
14/05/2021 09:19:07

Haiti - FLASH : The Brazilian and English variants detected in Haiti

Dr. Marie Gréta Roy Clément, the Minister of Public Health informs the population that two variants of Covid-19, Brazilian and English have been detected on the national territory.

The Ministry’s National Public Health Laboratory continues to investigate to assess the extent of the problem, given the high spread of these two variants.

Formal instructions were passed to the Technical and Normative Departments for the strengthening of epidemiological surveillance activities, particularly at the level of ports, airports, border towns as well as the follow-up of contact cases.

Minister Clément is counting on everyone’s collaboration in order to limit, as much as possible, the spread and consequences of Covid-19 and its variants and urges the population to strictly apply the barrier measures recommended previously, namely:

1. Compulsory wearing of a mask;

2. Systematic hand washing;

3. The obligatory temperature measurement before entering public spaces;

4. Respect for physical distance, at least 1.50m between each person, especially when holding face-to-face meetings.

In addition, Dr Lauré Andrien, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health informs that according to available data a considerable increase in the number of suspected cases, positive cases and hospitalized patients has been observed since the beginning of the month of May 2021.

Let’s recall that Haiti is one of the 4 countries in the world (out of 192 countries contaminated by Covid-19) not to have started to vaccinate its population against the coronavirus (according to the WHO). Our Dominican neighbors have already carried out more than 2.8 million injections of vaccine doses and nearly a million Dominicans have already received their 2 doses. The Government of President Abinader has accelerated the pace for a few days, 150,000 doses of vaccine are injected daily.

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