Haiti – FLASH : The Gang «400 Mawozo» sows terror in Croix-des-Bouquets (Video)
27/06/2021 09:16:05

Haiti - FLASH : The Gang «400 Mawozo» sows terror in Croix-des-Bouquets (Video)

Saturday morning June 26, 2021, in the Commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, heavily armed men of the Gang “400 Mawozo” led a raid in the areas of Marassa 9, Rémy, Cité Doudoune in order to extend their control over this territory by a show of force, but would have encountered strong resistance from the men of the Rémy Gang which occupies these areas according to local residents’ says.

For a long time the two Gangs clashed intensely, sowing panic among the population. In front of the Protestant church of “Dieu Béthel” where the funeral was taking place, men of “400 Mawozo” who exchanged fire with the police (according to witnesses) set a dozen vehicles on fire.

The intensity of the gunfire and the panic caused by the attack can be better appreciated by watching this video recorded by a camera filming the funeral in the church.

In the afternoon, the Haitian National Police reacting to the events declared on social networks “[…] Specialized units of the Haitian National Police have been deployed in the city center of Croix-des-bouquets in support of the administrative police officers of the jurisdiction of the municipality. Since this morning following the presence of heavily armed men who caused a climate of tension in the area, the PNH had to intervene to take control of the situation. The thugs have been repelled and for the moment calm has been restored […] “without mentioning the extent of the damage or giving a human toll. Unofficially (according to testimonies) at least one person was killed and several others injured.

For ex-Colonel Himmler Rebu these acts cannot be the work of “simple bandits” emphasizing that these men have weapons of war and a firepower much greater than that of the police. For ex-Colonel Rebu, the logistics that supply these individuals with arms and ammunition reveal of a military matter.

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