Haiti – FLASH : The Péligre plant endangered by attacks
16/06/2021 09:53:08

Haiti - FLASH : The Péligre plant endangered by attacks

The General Directorate of Electricity of Haiti (EdH) informs that it has discovered a network within the company illegally recruiting individuals to the security service of the EDH while they never actually worked and received yet a monthly salary by direct transfer.

This fraudulent maneuver once discovered, the culprits were identified and dismissed. “Since then, the individuals incriminated in this dark affair have regularly attacked the employees and property of the Péligre plant. All the authorities concerned have been informed of this dangerous situation but nothing has been done so far to put an end to it.

[…] Although the Péligre Central has 108 security guards on paper, it continues to be exposed to these repeated attacks.”

The General Directorate wishes to make it understood that this strategic infrastructure which has served the country since 1971, “is currently in great danger by these irresponsible acts” . Let everyone take their responsibilities to save the minimum economic infrastructure available to the country.

The EDH also calls on the sovereign institutions in charge of the security of the country to take all the necessary and legal measures.

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