Haiti – FLASH : The Police of Miragoâne behaves like bandits
08/05/2021 08:46:36

Haiti - FLASH : The Police of Miragoâne behaves like bandits

In a note in Creole sent to the editorial staff of the Préférence FM radio of Petit-Goâve, the office of the municipal council of the Second Plain, takes stock of the damage committed by the Miragoâne police officers on April 29, assessment carried out on the observation of a justice of the peace for an objective assessment of the facts.

According to the municipal authorities, the Police of the department of Nippes fired live ammunition and threw tear gas in the direction of a population which erected barricades on the public highway in order to demand the release of the coordinator of the cartel, Mr. Wilkenn Dicette.

Marvens, a 7-year-old boy, was shot in the thigh and the victim is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in the capital.

Police beat and then arrested several non-violent young boys outside their home. They set fire to 3 motorcycles and damaged others with machetes. They also damaged around 6 cars parked respectively in their owner’s yard.

PNH agents set fire to more than 30 merchant trestles in different localities : “Maché mango”, “Bazil”, La Madeleine and Cuperlier. They slaughtered head of cattle : 2 oxen, 2 goats and 1 pig.

They opened fire on houses in the area whose walls bear traces of bullet holes. Some police officers entered the homes of peasants in Second Plain, damaged kitchen utensils and threw food supplies on the ground.

The Bureau of the Board of the Second of Petit-Goâve asks other State authorities to look into the situation of the 2nd section. “We are fed up with the arbitrary acts that we suffer from the Police of the Department of Nipppes. We have been confronted with this problem since the installation of Mr. Muscadin as Government Commissioner to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of First Instance of Miragoâne. We take this opportunity to ask the leaders concerned if the Second Plain is part of Miragoâne or Petit-Goâve ? […]” concludes this note leaving the signature of Wesly Léandre, assessor of CASEC of the 2nd Section of Petit-Goâve.

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