Haiti – Guyana : Towards the reintroduction of a compulsory visa for Haitians
26/06/2021 10:33:06

Haiti - Guyana : Towards the reintroduction of a compulsory visa for Haitians

Anil Nandlall the Attorney General, concerned about the number of Haitians traveling to Guyana (an English-speaking nation, but culturally linked to the Caribbean) and the recent incidents involving these migrants, said this week that the civic administration of the People’s Progressive Party will begin to strengthen its immigration laws by requiring citizens of Haiti to obtain a visa before traveling to Guyana.

“Guyana will be moving in that direction and we have to take a position against our country being used as an international smuggling transshipment point. We have notified the international agencies that bear responsibility for human trafficking and human smuggling, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Interpol and other international agencies ” said Attorney General Anil Nanldall.

The majority of Haitians who travel to Guyana do so legally through Barbados and Panama. They come mainly to Guyana to go to Brazil and French Guyana which each have a large Haitian population of over 120,000 members.

However, Prosecutor Nandlall remains convinced that many Haitians arrive clandestinely in Guyana and are victims of unscrupulous smugglers, recalling the recent arrests of Haitians deprived of their passports which remained in the hands of the individual who had organized their trip to Guyana…

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