Haiti – Haitian Red Cross : No involvement in blood management
21/11/2023 09:38:53

Haiti - Haitian Red Cross : No involvement in blood management

The Haitian Red Cross wished to react through a press release following certain comments published on the Internet regarding any responsibility of the Haitian Red Cross (CRH) regarding the availability and quality of blood products on the Haitian territory. CRH would like to point out that this is a misunderstanding and would like to clarify the facts.

Since October 13, 2020, there has been a decree creating the national body for blood and blood products (ONASAPS) which is the sole entity responsible for the management of blood, blood products and blood transfusion issues throughout the Haitian territory, ref. Le Moniteur Spécial No. 32. All related questions and files have since then been the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP).

The CRH would like to point out that confusion persists, linked to the fact that the National Blood Transfusion Center (CNTS) continues to use old documents with CRH letterhead, in particular requisitions, despite several warnings given to the head of the CNTS. In addition, for the sake of collaboration, the CRH, auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field, allowed the CNTS to continue to use its premises free of charge in several regions of the country.

The CRH reminds the population in general and the press in particular that it has no technical or administrative responsibility in the management of blood and blood products since the publication of the said decree.

CRH, as a humanitarian institution, remains committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the population in cases of epidemics likely to threaten the health of the nation. CRH, which has an ambulance service for medical emergencies and road accidents, also intervenes in disaster preparedness, response, risk reduction and strengthening community resilience by mobilizing the power of humanity.

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