Haiti – Honduras : 12 Haitians and 3 «coyotes» arrested
15/05/2021 09:05:25

Haiti - Honduras : 12 Haitians and 3 «coyotes» arrested

Police authorities arrested three Honduran “coyotes” in Choluteca region of southern Honduras who were illegally transporting 16 illegal migrants to the United States, including 12 Haitians, 3 Cubans and 1 Peruvian.

The migrants were transported on a Mitsubishi brand microbus driven by one of the traffickers, while his 2 accomplices each on a motorbike served as scouts to avoid police checks.

In addition to the arrests of the 3 traffickers, the transport vehicle, 2 motorcycles, 3 mobile phones and nearly 1,000 US dollars were seized.

Illegal migrants were referred to the National Institute for Migration of Choluteca (INM) for analysis of their situation.

The 3 “coyotes” were placed under the orders of the Choluteca Public Prosecutor’s Office for legal proceedings, accused among other things of illegal human trafficking.

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