Haiti – Insecurity : Cité Soleil, violence affects access to health care
18/11/2023 18:18:46

Haiti - Insecurity : Cité Soleil, violence affects access to health care

Cité Soleil is once again in a context of increased violence between rival armed groups since the death of gang leader Iscar Andrice in confusing circumstances https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-40974-haiti-news-zapping.html . More than fifty injured people were treated by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) at the Cité Soleil hospital.

The MSF emergency center in Cité Soleil is currently the only medical structure capable of caring for patients in this town since the recent closure, for an indefinite period, of the Fontaine private hospital, not affiliated with MSF, which was found trapped in the heart of the clashes on November 15, 2023, further reducing access to health care in Cité Soleil. https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-40984-haiti-flash-emergency-evacuation-of-the-fontaine-hospital-center-in-cite-soleil-in-the-midst-of-urban-guerrilla-warfare.html

Pregnant women, among other patients, now find themselves in a precarious situation. MSF doctors working at the Cité Soleil hospital referred 80% of women about to give birth there. The other reference option, the Saint-Damien maternity center, has remained closed since last October, for reasons once again linked to insecurity. Other medical services in this area were forced to close their doors following the violence.

Let’s remember that MSF was forced to temporarily close its outpatient clinics, reduce its medical teams and stop its mobile clinics in the town of Cité Soleil in order to limit the risks for staff, patients and health structures during these episodes of particularly intense and indiscriminate violence.

However, the Cité Soleil hospital, managed by MSF, remains open and continues to offer emergency services and outpatient care. It serves the population of the municipality of Cité Soleil where the most disadvantaged communities of the capital are located.

“Once again, the population is paying the high price during these clashes between armed groups […] Medical structures can no longer function normally, patients can no longer go there and risk developing sometimes fatal complications,” declared MSF Head of Mission, Mumuza Muhindo Musubaho. “MSF reiterates its appeal to all armed actors to spare the population and to respect hospitals and medical structures, as well as those who work there and are treated there.”

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