Haiti – Insécurity : The Church victim of kidnapping
12/04/2021 07:18:44

Haiti - Insécurity : The Church victim of kidnapping

Yesterday Sunday no less than 4 Haitians Catholic priests, 1 French priest, as well as a Haitian nun and a Frenchwere kidnapped in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets. According to the first information it would be the men of the gang “400 mawozo” who would have committed these acts, when the group was on the way for the installation ceremony of a priest at the immaculate church of Galette Chambon (Ganthier), according to Father Loudger Mazile, spokesperson for the CEH.

According to the information available, the hostage takers claim a million US dollars in exchange for their release.

“This is too much. The time has come for these inhuman acts to stop,” Monsignor Pierre-André Dumas, Bishop of Miragoâne reacted this Sunday, “The Church prays and stands in solidarity with all the victims of this odious act,” he added.

The Haitian Conference of Religious (CHR) expresses its deep sorrow, but also its anger at the infrahuman situation in which we have been floundering for more than a decade. “Not a day goes without weeping and gnashing of teeth and yet the so-called officials of this country, while clinging to power, are increasingly helpless and, equally non-existent if we consider the responsibility of a power established according to the norms which govern a nation. Is enough.”

Here are the names of those kidnapped :

Five (5) Priests, including 4 from the Society of Priests of Saint Jacques :

Father Evens Joseph, PSJ,

Father Michel Briand (French nationality), PSJ,

Father Jean Nicaisse Milien, PSJ

FatherJoël Thomas, PSJ

Father Hugues Baptiste, priest of the Archdiocese of Cap-Haitien

Two (2) nuns :

Sister Anne Marie Dorcélus, PSST – Aunt of Father Arnel Joseph, PSJ

Sister Agnès Bordeau (French nationality), Sister of Providence of Pommeraye

Three (3) members of the Family of Father Arnel Joseph, PSJ :

Mrs. Oxane Dorcélus, her mother

Miss Lovely Joseph, her sister

Mr Welder Joly, his godfather

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