Haiti – Insecurity : The PNH strengthens the security devices and takes out its armored vehicles
02/07/2021 11:04:40

Haiti - Insecurity : The PNH strengthens the security devices and takes out its armored vehicles

Police forces have been deployed since Wednesday evening in order to strengthen the security measures put in place in certain areas of the capital including Nazon, road of Delmas and Boulevard Toussaint Louverture where commercial companies are housed, facing threats of looting and destruction.

Thursday, July 1, armored vehicles from the National Police of Haiti (PNH) traveled through the city center of Port-au-Prince and the Carrefour de l’Aviation, where individuals, some of whom were heavily armed, headed by the Chief of the Coalition of Gangs “G9” Jimmy Chérizier aka “Barbecue” actively sought after but still free to move, had won the streets accompanied by many sympathetic citizens. “Barbecue” threatened once again to attack businesses, banks and politicians.

The PNH, speaking of “Barbecue” and its heavily armed men, clarified “Since they had been accompanied by civilians as ‘human shields’, the PNH used tear gas to disperse them and ensure the safety of the people. companies located at the bottom of Delmas.” No one has been arrested, no casualties are to be deplored.

The National Police remain on high alert.

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