Haiti – New York : Participation of Minister Day in the conference «Engaging the Haitian Diaspora»
24/05/2021 08:33:50

Haiti - New York : Participation of Minister Day in the conference «Engaging the Haitian Diaspora»

Gonzague Day, Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), accompanied by Mrs. Colombe Emilie Jessy Ménos the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Human Rights and the fight against extreme poverty, General Hérard Abraham of the Committee Independent Consultative (CCI) for the development of the draft of the new Constitution, of Ms. Esperancia César, Vice-President of the Permanent Electiral Council (CEP), participated on Saturday, May 22, in New York, in the conference “Engaging the Haitian Diaspora” held at the Hilton Hotel (JFK, Airport), both face-to-face and virtually, as part of the commemoration of Haitian Heritage Month organized jointly by Haitian Diaspora Associations, working mainly in the United States, with the support of the Ministry.

This event carried out by Haitian associations and in particular the “Haitian United for Haiti” with the support of MHAVE was an opportunity for the panelists from Haiti, to answer the many questions concerning the organization of the referendum, the elections and the climate of insecurity in Haiti.

Security, Referendum, Investments, National identification card, Elections, these are the main points of Minister Day’s intervention.

Secondly, Minister Day spoke about the challenges of the referendum and the importance of a new Constitution for the development of the country and took stock of the State’s provisions for the realization under the best conditions of the referendum on the Constitution. The Diaspora said they were happy to finally be able to enjoy their civil and political rights, thanks to the upcoming referendum, and expressed their determination to participate fully in Haitian political life.

In addition, he answered questions about the government put in place to curb acts of kidnapping and general insecurity in the country.

The Minister said he was satisfied with the holding of this event between Haitians which took place without major incident (despite a few happy moments), contrary to what some rumors suggest, especially on social networks.

Civil Society was also present at this event through the organization of the National Council of Haitian Civil Society coordinated by Domingue Orgella. Note also the presence of Faude Joseph, Chairman of the Board of BNDA, as well as the Consul and Vice-Consul of Haiti in New York.

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