Haiti – News : Zapping…
31/01/2024 10:42:37

Haiti - News : Zapping...

Guerilla between “400 mawozo” and “Kraze baryè”

Tuesday January 30, 2024, bursts of automatic weapons were heard in Pernier, which was the scene of an armed clash between members of the “400 mawozo” and “Kraze baryè” gang. Panicked, members of the population had to flee their homes to escape the fury of the fighters…

Me Al Duniel Dimanche refuses to leave

The investigating judge Al Duniel Dimanche rejects out of hand the information suggesting that his mandate has come to an end [according to the minutes of his swearing in his mandate ended on January 29, 2024] he nevertheless affirms “[…] if that were the case, I would never accept that it be renewed by a de facto Government…”

The BSAP of the Center rejects the Government’s directives

Joseph Jean Baptiste, Head of the Protected Areas Security Brigade (BSAP) in the Center department, rejects the government press release prohibiting BSAP agents armed with firearms from circulating in uniform in cities https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-41551-haiti-notice-bsap-agents-banned-from-weapons-uniforms-and-circulating-in-town.html , he accuses the Government of add fuel to the fire. Joseph Jean Baptiste and a group of uniformed and armed BSAP agents roamed the streets of the city of Hinche on Tuesday as a sign of protest and provocation…

3 young women killed in Nazon

Monday January 29, 3 young women were killed and their bodies burned on rue Brun Ricot, in Nazon, (Port-au-Prince). The reasons and circumstances of these murders are unknown.

Cabaret women’s prison stormed

Armed individuals attacked the Cabaret women’s prison and took control of it. However, let us remember that this prison no longer contained any inmates, they having been transferred several months ago to the civil prison of Delmas 33.

BSAC cancels its poorly attended general strike

Sunday January 29, the 3-day general strike called by the Anti-Corruption Union Brigade (BSAC) and the drivers’ unions to protest against insecurity and demand the departure of Prime Minister a.i., Ariel Henry, was poorly attended even if several schools kept their doors closed… Tuesday, BSAC announced the lifting of the strike from 3:00 p.m. and also announced the cancellation of the 3rd day of strike scheduled for this Wednesday…

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