Haiti – News : Zapping…
18/04/2024 11:44:47

Haiti - News : Zapping...

Artibonite : 1,370 women and girls raped

1,370 women and girls were victims of rape at the hands of armed bandits between April 2023 and March 2024, according to the latest report from the Platform of Women Organized for the Development of Artibonite (PLAFODA). The victims were recorded in the municipalities of Verettes, Liancourt, L’Estère and Petite rivière de l’Artibonite. PLAFODA demands that measures be taken to combat organized crime in Haiti.

Phase 1 : Demolition of 183 houses completed

The first phase of the demolition operation of 183 houses near the rear wall of Toussaint Louverture international airport has ended. In a 2nd phase, the authorities plan to demolish around forty additional houses with the aim of facilitating the resumption of security activities at the airport.

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70% drop in port activities

Jocelin Villier, Director General of the National Port Authority, on a radio station in the capital explained that the 70% drop in port activities at the port of Port-au-Prince is causing shortages of essential products. To counter these impacts, a plan to deconcentrate port activities is being developed, in order to avoid transshipment from Port-au-Prince.

Who will be the next PM ?

On the choice of the next Prime Minister : “We sent a correspondence to the 9 sectors involved in the formation of the Presidential Council inviting them to each appoint a prime minister. We asked the women’s, diaspora and youth sectors to each submit 2 names to us. The constraint on Nationality to be Prime Minister has been canceled” according to a Presidential Advisor convinced that the CPT can “legally” modify the Constitution as it wishes due to the crisis…

OAVCT : Extension of the special renewal

In a press release, the Office of Insurance of Vehicles against Third Parties (OAVCT) announces the extension of the special insurance policy renewal until April 30, 2024. Remember that this special allows those who are two years or more late in payment , to pay only for one year.

Iron gates to close the streets !

To combat attacks by armed groups in the capital, several neighborhoods in the metropolitan area at the initiative of residents, double iron doors are installed in certain dead ends and even on main roads… Costing between 150,000 and 200,000 gourdes its barriers are closed at 7:00 in the evening and open at 6:00 in the morning. If bandits are reported in the area during the day, the doors are quickly closed. According to residents, since the installation of these gates, bandits no longer come to sow terror in their area.

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