Haiti – News : Zapping…
28/06/2021 11:37:01

Haiti - News : Zapping...

Cap-Haitien : Overdue seaside development work

Nader Joiséus, the Minister of Public Works accompanied by Robenson Léger, Coordinator of the Control and Execution Unit of the Ministry participated in an important meeting in visioconference, with representatives of the World Bank (WB). Discussions focused on activities related to the rehabilitation of the SOS road and the development of the Cap-Haitien seaside, 2 flagship projects of the Ministry and the Administration in place. The studies are in progress and the works should already be started. However, contrary to all expectations, the Representatives of the World Bank, coordinators of the Culture Heritage and Urban Development (CHUD) program, announced that the work could start in December in order to take into account the deadline for finalizing the studies of program activities

Handicapped and urban guerrillas

The Office of the Secretary of State for the Integration of People with Disabilities (BSEIPH) thanks all partner institutions and all people who show solidarity with it to provide their support to people with disabilities who are victims of acts of violence at the La Piste camp in Delmas. BSEIPH is handling this situation very carefully. People with disabilities fleeing acts of violence are currently being moved to a temporary shelter in Delmas 103.

Thoughts on violence during an election period

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP-Haiti) in collaboration with UN Haiti and the funding of UN Peacebuilding recently organized a day of discussions and reflections on strategies for preventing and combating violence in this period. electoral.

Father’s Day : Rain of wishes

President Jovenel Moïse :

“Happy birthday to my compatriots ‘dad’. Being a father is a noble, demanding job that imposes social responsibility, commitment and limitless love. May we continue to exercise it in the sense of the true values ​​to be transmitted to our children for the advancement of Haiti.”

Prime Minister a.i. Joseph Jouthe

“Nothing in this world, as precious as it may be, can equal or replace the love of a loving, caring and responsible father for his child. Here, as elsewhere, this model of a father embodies courage, determination and stability within the home. Long live responsible fatherhood ! Strength and honor to all the dads of Haiti! Happy Birthday !”

Mayor of Delmas Wilson Jeudy :

“In the vast majority of families, there is a father who loves without saying it, without even letting it show on his face. However, his efforts, his advice, his courage, his sense of responsibility, not to mention his way of defending and protecting his children, do not suggest otherwise. If the love of a mother is known from birth, that of a father is known when we have grown up, when we have the capacity to understand our role in what we have become. To all these courageous fathers of the town of Delmas, the Municipal Administration wishes a happy birthday. Hats off to you !”

National Police of Haiti :

“The family is the priority of all fathers of families. A policeman father, his priority is to protect the family in general, and sometimes even abandoning his own. A police officer father risks his life day and night, always on duty and at his post, in the streets, under the blazing sun and in the rain, to save the lives of others. A polic offcier father is a hero and a true humanist. Well done, and thank you to you policeman father. Happy birthday to all police dads.”

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