Haiti – News : Zapping…
23/07/2021 12:06:23

Haiti - News : Zapping...

Japan : The Imperial Palace lowers its flag in solidarity

In order to express its solidarity with the Haitian people and the Government of the Republic of Haiti, the Japanese Government has announced that the flag of Japan will be half-mast, the day after the funeral of President Jovenel Moïse, on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at the Imperial Palace as well as at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Haiti is a land of opportunity”

“Let’s turn this challenging moment for Haitians, and friends of Haiti, in a momentum for change, an opportunity to flip the orthodoxy while relying on co-created sustainable solutions that responds to Haiti’s needs. Haiti is a land of opportunity and has so much to offer the region and the world,” declared Bruno Lemarquis, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in Haiti.

Minister Vincent pays homage to Moïse

“May the Jovenelian ideal guide us in the quest for the new social contract, with a view to a new stable and prosperous Haiti, where life will be good for all its sons and daughters, where the social divide and economic disparities will give way to harmony and social justice. Great leaders are often misunderstood at first, but revered later. Tribune of the forgotten of the Republic, martyred for the defense of their cause, you have made history, in the Pantheon of the Heroes of the Republic. Have a good trip Mr. President!” Rockefeller Vincent, Minister of Justice and Public Security

France welcomes the formation of the Government

France welcomes the announcement, on July 20, 2021, of the formation of the transitional government headed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry. It constitutes a necessary step in order to restore the democratic functioning of Haitian institutions. France reiterates the importance that reliable parliamentary and presidential elections can be held as soon as the conditions are right. In this perspective, it encourages all Haitian political actors to engage in an inclusive dialogue for a peaceful end to the crisis.

Installation of the Minister of Agriculture

Prime Minister Ariel Henry on Wednesday installed agronomist Charlot Bredy, a career executive in the civil service, as head of the Ministry of Agriculture. He is a very high level professional who has climbed several levels within the Ministry of Agriculture. The new Minister promised to put all his know-how in order to improve the performance of the agricultural sector with the collaboration of all the staff and in particular the executives of the Ministry.

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