Haiti – Nippes : Around fifty school inspectors in training
01/02/2024 09:13:48

Haiti - Nippes : Around fifty school inspectors in training

Under the leadership of the Departmental Directorate of Education of Nippes (DDENI), the Ministry of National Education launched a four-day training workshop for around fifty inspectors from the ten school districts of this department (Olivier, Fond-des-Nègres, Miragoâne, Paillant, Petite-Rivière dNippes, Anse-à-Veau, Baradères, Plaisance des Nippes, L’Asile and Saint-Michel des Nippes).

During these four days of continuing education, which takes place at the Fundamental School of Application and Pedagogical Support Center (EFACAP) of Chalon, in Miragoâne, it will be about : School Supervision, Leadership in the environment school and management practices but also the decision-making process, conflict management, meeting management and administrative correspondence.

Jean Nelson Pierre, the Departmental Manager of Nippes is delighted with the holding of this training and recalled that taking into account the major projects of the Ministry for the year 2024, school inspectors must be able to do their job well, consisting in particular of supervise, control, plan, evaluate and monitor teaching and learning activities.

This workshop is led by Frantz Délia, professor at the Regional Public University (UPR) of Nippes; Clément Benoit, dean of the faculty of administrative sciences at the public university of Nippes and Jean Nelson Pierre, departmental manager of Nippes, who also teaches in this UPR.

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