Haiti – Politic : Dialogue underway to form a Government of national unity
06/05/2021 09:19:50

Haiti - Politic : Dialogue underway to form a Government of national unity

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at a press conference in his official residence, acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph announced that a dialogue was underway between President Jovenel Moïse and political actors to form a “Government of national unity […] Many steps are taken to achieve to a consensus government.”

According to Claude Joseph “The President has started the process of dialogue. The next Government will have a permanent Prime Minister responsible for ensuring the continuity of the State, in priority the two major projects which are the constitutional referendum [June 27 initially scheduled for April 25] and the presidential and legislative elections [September 19 1st round, and November 21, 2nd round]” explained Joseph adding “there are many protagonists who have agreed on the principle of dialogue” without further details on the political actors participating in this dialogue …

The Prime Minister recalled for the umpteenth time that Moïse will remain in office until February 7, 2022, when he will hand over power to his successor elected at the polls in this year’s elections.

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