Haiti – Politic : Justice finally accessible to the most deprived (Speech of Moïse)
07/05/2021 09:28:58

Haiti - Politic : Justice finally accessible to the most deprived (Speech of Moïse)

On Thursday, President Jovenel Moïse proceeded with the official installation of the Board of Directors of the National Legal Assistance Council (CNAL).

Composition of the Board :

(appointed by decree of September 9, 2020 under the law of September 10, 2018 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-26172-haiti-justice-new-law-on-the-legal-assistance-of-the-most-deprived.html )

Me Rockefeller Vincent, Minister of Justice (President);

Me Renan Hédouville, Protector of the Citizen (Vice-president);

Michel Patrick Boisvert, Minister of Finance (member);

Me Jacques Létang President of the Federation of Haitian Bars (member);

André Saint-Isert, Representative of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (member).

Speech by the Head of State :

“The decision to install the CNAL reflects my desire to provide Haitians with access to justice, regardless of their economic or financial situation. Because, strengthening the right of access to justice is an obligation of the State towards its citizens, without exclusion.

The installation of the CNAL is also an act of judicial benevolence. It is a new beginning, a new sun which rises for these forgotten people of the Republic, an open door for my brothers and sisters who languish in our prisons because of their situation of poverty.

The State undertakes to cover all legal and judicial expenses of any person meeting the criteria defined by the law on legal assistance. The fight for equality before the courts is as much that of the state as that of every citizen.

The justice system must stop being the hangman of detainees. Letting a human being languish for 10 years or more in a cell without any prior judgment, without any conviction, is a serious act that violates the right to human dignity.

I would like to remind all those involved in the judicial system, whether they are bailiffs, court clerks, prosecutors, police officers, bench judges, investigating judges, lawyers and others, that human dignity is the foundation of democracy and of all other rights.”

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