Haiti – Politic : National Diaspora Day, messages from MAHVE, France and Canada
21/04/2021 10:01:15

Haiti - Politic : National Diaspora Day, messages from MAHVE, France and Canada

As part of the National Day of the Haitian Diaspora, celebrated each year on April 20 (Presidential decree of March 16, 2011) Louis Gonzague Edner Day, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), the Embassy of Haiti in Canada and the Consulate General of Haiti in Paris delivered messages of which we reproduce the main extracts.

Minister of Haitians Living Abroad :

[…] In a context punctuated by a health crisis […] a regressive economic situation in Haiti and, moreover, a repeated political crisis paralyzing the proper functioning of the State, the Haitian diaspora finds itself today faced with a double anxiety.

Unfortunately the latest consequences of these crises did not allow us to welcome the various delegations of the diaspora in order to solemnly mark this day around crucial themes, in particular “The political and economic integration of the diaspora, security and the referendum constitutional”.

Despite the distance that separates us, I renew my desire to unconditionally support compatriots living abroad in their quest for stability in the country, which is essential for real economic, social and political development.

With the new responsibilities entrusted to me within the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities [https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33490-haiti-news-zapping.html] […] I will put every effort to create a climate conducive to welcoming the diaspora and foreign investment for the well-being of the population without exclusion.

As Minister of MHAVE, I show my solidarity with the Diaspora community which, too long ago, was excluded from the decision-making spheres of the country despite its substantial economic contribution to the country’s GDP.

I also encourage the Haitian communities not to be distracted in their determination to organize the referendum on June 27, 2021, which will mark its effective and final integration into the affairs of Haiti […]”

Consulate General of Haiti in Paris :

In addition, the Consul Wedlyne François Pierre of the Consulate General of Haiti in Paris also delivered a message “[…] I would like to greet patriotically and sincerely the Haitian diaspora, which, thanks to its high sense of industry, his dedication, his family love and his dynamic participation in the development of the host countries has been able to project a positive image of the Republic of Haiti.

My brothers and sisters living abroad, especially those of the Haitian diaspora in France, I invite you to unite in order to better face adversity. I hope that one day Haitians moving across the world will no longer be considered ‘pitit deyà’. I hope that they too will be empowered to participate in major decisions for the good of the country at all levels. A united Nation is a Nation that can overcome all obstacles.

Hoping that everyone continues to contribute to the progress of Haiti, I wish you : Happy National Day of the Haitian Diaspora !”

Embassy of Haiti in Canada :

For its part as part of the celebration of this day, the Embassy of Haiti of Canada in Canada in a note praised “the work and courage of members of the Haitian community in Canada as well as their sustained commitment to Haiti.”

Adding that this date had been retained by the Haitian State “to express the gratitude of the mother country to her daughters and sons that she could not retain in her womb, but who show a patriotic attachment worthy of being recognized by all […]

“[…] May this day of April 20 be a link between all Haitians who meet all over the world, especially in Canada, in their daily fight for a better life for their children, their community and their country of origin.”

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