Haiti – Politic : President Abinader promises to deliver the border wall with Haiti in the coming weeks
28/02/2024 09:59:43

Haiti - Politic : President Abinader promises to deliver the border wall with Haiti in the coming weeks

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, President Luis Abinader in a speech before the Dominican National Assembly, promised that the completed sections of the border wall called “perimeter fence”, which separates the Dominican Republic from Haiti, will be delivered in the coming weeks, recalling that the objective is to control the trafficking of migrants, drugs and weapons.

Abinader described this fence as one of the “most important” works of his administration that will change the Dominican Republic “forever”. Built at an estimated cost of more than 1.7 billion pesos. The total length of the sections of this premetric fence will be 190 kilometers out of the 391 km of the border with Haiti.

The sections will be reinforced in terms of surveillance, among other things: by motion sensors, facial recognition and night vision cameras, radars, thermal detectors and drones.

He stressed that in the provinces bordering Haiti, particularly in the 24 kilometers of the Dajabón barrier, the thefts of livestock, motorcycles and vehicles have been reduced by more than 80%.

He indicated that the fence will benefit both countries because “it will allow bilateral trade to be controlled in a much more effective manner https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33299-haiti-dr-the-dominicans-want-to-build-large-customs-infrastructure-at-each-access-point-with-haiti.html , to regulate migratory flows to fight against human traffickers, to fight against drug trafficking, illegal sales weapons and to protect “cattle” and agricultural producers from the theft of their livestock and crops.

3D simulation of the future border fence:

“With this fence, we will also combat the different forms of organized crime that wanted to take the border between the two countries as a base, so the benefit for both Nations will be of great importance.”

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