Haiti – Politic : The Presidency denies a rumor !
05/04/2021 08:29:38

Haiti - Politic : The Presidency denies a rumor !

The Communication Office of the Presidency gives a formal denial to the dishonest rumors circulating on social networks, suggesting that the President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse, would have tried to cross a flooded river in the North-West department and that he almost left his skin.

Indeed, the Head of State who was in Môle Saint-Nicolas, with his family for the Easter holidays, heard news that compatriots trying to cross the said river were in difficulty. Without wasting time, as he was in the area, President Moïse went to the scene, with his accompanying team, to help these fellow citizens in difficulty. At no point in time was President Moise faced with any situation.

“It should also be noted that the President does not have in his procession vehicles of the Nissan Patrol brand, as can clearly be seen in the images. This information is only intended to sow confusion around the activities of the Head of the State and to discredit the whole of the Government, in a weakened political context,” specifies the Communication Office of the Presidency.

He calls for the vigilance of the population not to give in to the traps of a small group of manipulators at the head of an informal and poisonous laboratory, specialized exclusively in the production and dissemination of fake news, sensational and particularly toxic, aimed at accentuating instability and institutionalizing panic in the community.

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