Haiti – Referendum : The President of the Senate calls for rebellion
28/05/2021 12:03:01

Haiti - Referendum : The President of the Senate calls for rebellion

South East Senator Joseph Lambert, President of the Senate and former ally of the government in power, who has since gone to the opposition, in deep disagreement with the holding of the constitutional referendum scheduled for June 27, affirms loud and clear that the referendum will not be hrld in his department. He threatens to destroy all the offices of the referendum on the new Constitution on June 27, 2021 that the Government would install in his department.

“I call on the people to rebellion, to revolt […] to show temerity […]” justifying their appeal by explaining that when a Government takes a fundamentally illegal act and violates the Constitution, it is necessary to enter into rebellion and fight against him and stop him in his project… specifying that the population must assume its responsibilities because the country does not belong to Jovenel Moïse “Jèn gason, jenn fanm… mete grenn sou nou, epi pou nou afronte referandòm jovenel vle ban nou an.”

Frantz Exantus, the Secretary of State for Communication, calls the statements of the President of the Senate unwelcome, and asks him to pull himself together. He calls on the Government to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the referendum throughout the national territory.

For his part, the former Senator of the radical opposition Jean-Charles Moïse, leader of the “Pitit Dessalin” Party threatens to set fire to all the electoral material in the country, while sparing the buildings which house these offices, in particular schools… Not hesitating to threaten all individuals who would rent their house to set up a polling station for the referendum…

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