iciHaiti – 218th Flag : «Only one flag, one people, one land…» dixit Minister Day
19/05/2021 09:08:04

iciHaiti - 218th Flag : «Only one flag, one people, one land...» dixit Minister Day

As part of the celebration of the Flag and University Day, Louis Gonzague Edner Day, the a.i. Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities delivered a special message that we invite you to read :

Message from Minister Day :

“Only one single flag, one people, one land, one Constitution for a more just and free Haiti, guaranteeing the development of all its daughters and sons.

Yes, beyond our differences of opinion and our different political positions, let us be convinced, dear compatriots of all our Territorial Collectivities, Sisters and Brothers living abroad; that what unites us is much truer and much stronger than our quarrels. Let’s dialogue and unite like our ancestors who bequeathed us our dear and proud Haiti, to make it fruitful for the benefit of all its children. Let’s unite and with respect, heal our mutual wounds, however deep they may be.

We must also, on this May 18, 218th anniversary of the Bicolor, to be strong, to face our demons, to raise our problems, to break the chains of violence and blood, to cut short this human waste, to rebuild the rule of law, democracy, justice, equity, mutual aid, living together, for a better tomorrow as worthy sons and defenders of Freedom in the face of the world.

Let’s join hands !

In the name of the sacrifices made by our ancestors, in the name of our Bicolor, for our children and for young people, let us give our Nation a new chance.

Wi, drapo nou se senbòl tèt ansanm zansèt yo te kite pou nou !

Long live the Flag !

Long live the University !

Long live Haiti !”

IH/ iciHaiti

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