iciHaiti – 218th : Message from the Haitian Consulate in Montreal
19/05/2021 10:19:16

iciHaiti - 218th : Message from the Haitian Consulate in Montreal

As part of the celebration of the Flag Day and the University, Fritz Dorvilier the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal (QC, Canada) delivered a message of reflection that we share with you.

Message from the Consul General. Fritz Dorvilier :

“This May 18, 2021, we are celebrating the 218th anniversary of the creation, in Arcahaie, of our Flag. We must therefore remember that its creation was the result of both social awareness and political commitment.

Awareness of both the importance and the need for the union of dominated social groups in order to fight and overcome the common enemy, the colonial and slave system. The revolutionary commitment to live free, in dignity and to build a common destiny.

Our ancestors also understood that fraternity and solidarity must constitute the roots of the Nation.

In these times of crises and uncertainties, let’s strive to rise above exclusively individual and clan interests, which will only aggravate our misfortunes and could cause the total collapse of our bicentennial society.

Let’s let ourselves be guided by the spirit and the commitment of the creators of our Flag. Let’s therefore join forces again in order to improve our current living conditions as a people as well as to build a bright, prosperous and fulfilling future for future generations.

Happy Flag and University Day !

Long live the Haitian Nation !”

IH/ iciHaiti

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