iciHaiti – 221st Flag : Message from the Ambassador of Haiti to Spain Guy Lamothe
18/05/2024 09:37:22

iciHaiti - 221st Flag : Message from the Ambassador of Haiti to Spain Guy Lamothe

As part of the 221st anniversary of the creation of the Haitian flag, the former ambassador of Mexico (2012-2019 https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-27943-icihaiti-diplomacy-end-of-mission-for-the-ambassador-of-haiti-to-mexico-guy-lamothe.html ) Guy G. Lamothe, Ambassador of Haiti to Spain since 2022, delivered a message that we invite you to read and share :

Message from Ambassador Guy G. Lamothe :

“There are, in the calendar of our history, key dates which are impervious to forgetting and whose reminder on each anniversary is essential for the permanence of their symbolism and the relevance of their scope. The date of May 18 is part of this register and offers each birthday the opportunity to benefit from their teachings.

The Embassy of Haiti in Spain would like to take advantage of this 221st anniversary of the creation of the national flag, to invite its fellow Haitians in the diaspora, from here and elsewhere, to revisit the behavior of our ancestors in Arcahaie marked by the spirit of reconciliation and conciliation, but above all the concern for understanding and unity with a strong sense of ethics and fairness.

In the current situation of the country, the dream of a resurgent and prosperous Haiti cannot be accomplished without first appropriating the states of mind of the creators of our two-tone. Indeed, the national interest requires an end to our discord and our resentment, to engage in the crusade for the common good, under the sign of harmony and fraternity.

It is then, and only then, that the daughters and sons of the country will be able to form the essential bundle for the construction of a progressive society anchored in the values ​​of living together or freedom, equality, secularism, tolerance, justice and the absence of all forms of discrimination will be the foundations of the much desired New Haiti.

The Embassy of Haiti in Spain, on this 221st anniversary of our flag, wishes everyone a Happy Celebration”

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