iciHaiti – Cholera : Daily Bulletin #441
01/02/2024 09:47:00

iciHaiti - Cholera : Daily Bulletin #441

January 15, 2024: Note that given the insecurity on the ground and the inaccessibility of certain areas controlled by gangs, this information remains partial and is published irregularly), previous Ministry bulletin January 14 https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-41525-icihaiti-cholera-daily-bulletin-440.html

Data calculated since the first confirmed case (October 3rd, 2022) according to data from the Directorate of Epidemiology, Laboratories and Research of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP).

Total suspected cases: 79,055 since October 3rd, 2022 +15 in 24 hours (partial), the day before +20 in 24 hours

Total new confirmed cases: 4,608** cases +0 in 24 hours (no test results published by the Laboratory for 8 days)

Total hospitalized cases (suspected and confirmed): 74,572 since October 3rd + 14 in 24 hours, the day before +22 in 24 hours

Total deaths: 1,161* deaths ((878 institutional deaths (+0) and 285*** community deaths (+0)) +0 the day before +0

*partial not updated for 2 days

**Based only on cases tested, i.e. only 17.6% of suspected cases.

***Very partial data due to difficulties in accessing areas controlled by gangs.

Men: 53.05% men (=) Women 46.95% (=) (not updated for 2 days)

Number of tests carried out: 13,618 +0 (not updated for 8 days)

Positivity rate (average since the start of the epidemic): 33.83% (=), previous 33.83%

Departments with confirmed cases:

Artibonite, Center, Grand’Anse, North, North West, Nippes, North-East, West, South and South-East

Previous bulletin: https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-41525-icihaiti-cholera-daily-bulletin-440.html

List of Acute Diarrhea Treatment Centers (including Cholera): https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-37939-icihaiti-flash-list-of-acute-diarrhea-treatment-centers-including-cholera.html


Suspected cases:

Any person with acute watery, profuse diarrhea with or without vomiting and dehydration

Confirmed case:

Any suspected case with a positive culture for ‘Vibrio cholerae’ or presenting an epidemiological link with a confirmed case of cholera

Hospitalized case:

Any suspected or confirmed case who spends at least 24 hours in a treatment center

Institutional death:

Any suspected or confirmed case who dies in a care center.

Community death:

Any suspected case who dies outside a care institution.

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