iciHaiti – CNSCA : 68 years of Haitian-Taiwanese cooperation
28/04/2024 10:17:21

iciHaiti - CNSCA : 68 years of Haitian-Taiwanese cooperation

In a note, Joseph Domingue Orgella National Coordinator of the National Council of Ayitian Civil Society (CNSCA) wishes to salute “the 68 years of a deep friendship linking the Taiwanese and Haitian peoples, a friendship sealed by active solidarity on the international scene and also bilateral cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

April 25, 2024, marks the 68th anniversary of cooperation between Haiti and Taiwan (Republic of China). The two peoples have been able to hold high, despite thick and thin, the flame which symbolizes solid ties based on solidarity, mutual respect and reciprocal support. This unwavering friendship has been marked, since 1956, by significant achievements in several fields.

The CNSCA takes the opportunity to express its deep gratitude to the Taiwanese people and Government for their valuable cooperation and renewed commitment to the Haitian government and people, and in particular to the National Council of Aytian Civil Society (CNSCA).

May this cooperation last as long as the world exists for the benefit of our two nations.

Happy 68th anniversary of Haitian-Taiwanese cooperation !”

IH/ iciHaiti

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