iciHaiti – Exhibition : «Two-dimensional figure of Frankétienne»
16/04/2021 11:01:25

iciHaiti - Exhibition : «Two-dimensional figure of Frankétienne»

This week, in collaboration with the “Center Culturel Pyepoudre” and the National Library of Haiti (BNH), Pradel Henriquez Minister of Culture opened the exhibition of Frankétienne’s work “Bidimensional Figure of Franck Etienne”, between painting and writing.

This exhibition, which will continue until April 30, 2021, at the Fritznel Fanfan Morisseau multipurpose room of the Pyepoudre Cultural Center in Bourdon, is part of the pursuit of the activities organized by the Ministry as part of the Fortnight of La Francophonie.

About fifty literary works of various categories: novels, poems, theaters and short stories; paintings from newspaper and magazine extracts, photographs from the Pyepoudre Cultural Center and the BNH bring alive the space that hosts this exhibition in homage to the author of “Melovivi”, “Kaselezo”, “Pèlent tèt”, “Dezafi”, “Ultravolcal”…

In his speech for the occasion, Minister Henriquez paid a well-deserved tribute to Frankétienne who celebrated her 85th birthday on April 12. “Frankétienne, our national treasure, is the author, the writer, the playwright, in a word, the most bulimic and versatile Haitian artist that the country has known since its independence.”

Find out more about Frankétienne :

Born April 12, 1936, to Ravine Sèche, communal section Poteneau of the town of Grande Saline, in the Artibonite Department, of his real name “Jean-Pierre Basilic Dantor Franck Étienne d’Argent” (Frankétienne) is a poet, painter, actor, and co-founder of the literary movement “spiralisme” [founded in Frankétienne 1965 by Frankétienne, René Philoctète later joined by Jean-Claude Fignolé]. He is the author of more than fifty literary works and laureate of many prestigious awards, raised to the rank of Commander in the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2010 and nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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