iciHaiti – FAES : Temporary work for 97 young people
20/05/2024 09:53:26

iciHaiti - FAES : Temporary work for 97 young people

As part of the first component of the Temporary Social Safety Net and Skills for Youth Program, financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Economic and Social Assistance Fund (FAES) has completed the construction of a staircase 92 linear meters of rock masonry (Gabion) and 20 linear meters of retaining wall at Sreet Pidis/Bois du Lac, in the heart of the city center of the commune of Port-de-Paix.

This activity is part of This achievement marks an important step in the development of the region’s infrastructure.

The organization Combating Poverty and Hunger in the World (CARE) was recruited by FAES to support the targeted community in the implementation of this project which follows a popular consultation, during which residents of the communities Local authorities identified problems and proposed solutions, with particular emphasis on projects involving the participation of local young people.

In total, 97 young people participated in the implementation of this project which allowed them to have temporary work. The activities encompassed various stages, ranging from mobilization of resources to establishment according to a defined plan, through the clearance of the land, effective management of operations, removal and disposal of spoil, up to the construction of the staircase and retaining walls. These achievements have had a significant impact on the connectivity and accessibility of the local community.

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