iciHaiti – Grand’Anse : Launch of Breadfruit flour in School Canteens
30/04/2024 10:21:09

iciHaiti - Grand'Anse : Launch of Breadfruit flour in School Canteens

On April 27, 2024, the National School Canteen Program (PNCS) took an important step by introducing flour from the Breadfruit into school canteens in Grand’Anse. This initiative aims to enrich students’ nutrition while supporting local producers.

The second launch session, organized at the Grand’Anse Departmental Office, was marked by a mini-training session and practical simulations involving cooks and managers from around twenty schools in Jérémie and Marfranc.

During this session, Ms. Yvrose DIEUDONNÉ Head of the Nutrition and Development Office (BND) Grande Anse presented flour from the Breadfruit, detailing its nutritional values ​​and its method of use.

The participants, in particular the main inspectors and the PNCS, welcomed this initiative and encouraged the consumption of local products. Fritz Revange, Branch Manager of PNCS Grande Anse, took the opportunity to underline the importance of cooperating partners in the development of the region and encourage school managers to adopt this new product.

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