iciHaiti – International Nurses Day : Message from Minister Clément
13/05/2021 11:19:46

iciHaiti - International Nurses Day : Message from Minister Clément

On Wednesday May 12, as part of International Nurses Day, Dr. Marie Gréta Roy Clément, the Minister of Public Health delivered a message to all nurses in Haiti that we invite you to share.

Message from Minister Clément :

“Allow me to extend a happy feast to all Nurses in Haiti on the occasion of International Nurses Day. The theme chosen for this year is Nursing : ‘A Voice to Lead’ and as a sub-theme : ‘A vision for future healthcare’.

In this particular context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nurses, professional associations bringing together nurses and others can and must pave the way for a better vision of health for all.

The strength of a health system lies in its ability to respond, adapt and strengthen. Educating nurses and reminding them that they have the skills to help the system truly achieve better health for all is a task that all health workers should tackle. A healthy world is possible if we agree to constitute this team of professionals united in action and who agree to listen to the population to meet their legitimate health care needs.

On May 12, 2021, I take pleasure in reminding you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Nurses of Haiti, how much the Ministry appreciates your remarkable contribution in the provision of care in the country. I want to invite you to continue your fight for the development of the nursing profession. This will require creating a climate of collaboration and mutual understanding in the workplace that is rewarding and stimulating for your career. This should be done within the framework of ethical and interdisciplinary reflection to improve the quality of care for the benefit of the population.

My congratulations to the leaders and members of the National Association of Nurses and Licensed Nurses of Haiti (ANILH) who fight every day to defend the interests of this corporation.

Happy feast to all nurses across the country!

Dr Marie Gréta Roy Clément


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