iciHaiti – May 1st : Words from the Presidential Transitional Council
01/05/2024 10:07:16

iciHaiti - May 1st : Words from the Presidential Transitional Council

As part of the celebration of May 1st, 2024, Agriculture and Labor Day, the members of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) salute in a note, all the active forces of the country, in particular farmers and workers.

“It is with sadness in our hearts that we commemorate May 1st of this year because of the bad situation at all levels especially the security of the country which has put many people out of work, destroying the businesses of many citizens, aggravating misery of the poor and above all barred the sun of the people’s hope.

[…] We would like to thank all the employers who refuse to give up, who want to stay there, ‘kinalaganach’, despite the situation in which we live.

The legacy of the Council is very heavy but it is determined to work tirelessly within the framework of its mission aimed at restoring security in the country, guaranteeing the lives, property and affairs of everyone, giving the State strength and the authority to lead the Nation, resolve the various challenges and make life better every day for all Haitians around the world.

Ayibobo for the Haitian people!

Long live Haiti!

For the Presidential Council :

Edgard LEBLANC Fils


IH/ iciHaiti

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