iciHaiti – Petit-Goâve : Dissolution of the Municipal Police
15/04/2021 10:19:06

iciHaiti - Petit-Goâve : Dissolution of the Municipal Police

Tuesday April 13, the Municipal Commission of Petit-Goâve chaired by Junior Bonheur, dissolved by municipal decree, the Municipal Police of Petit-Goâve, an armed body created by the former Mayor Jean Samson Limongy on February 14, 2017.

The members of the Commission based themselves on article 263.1 of the Constitution which prohibits, apart from the PNH and the Armed Forces of Haiti, the existence of another armed body on the national territory to justify the merits of their decision.

According to article 4 of this Decree, the Municipal Police of Petit-Goâve is replaced by a Municipal Brigade made up of agents who have a civil status which is placed under the authority of the Municipal Council and who may, if necessary, call on the Haitian National Police (PNH) in the performance of its tasks. A copy of this municipal decree will be sent to the police and judicial authorities, to the Departmental Delegate and to the Ministry of the Interior.

Powers of the municipal brigade :

  • Ensure the execution of municipal by-laws and regulations;
  • Contribute to the security of the municipality;
  • Ensure the protection of the environment and public health;
  • Ensure the security of the property and buildings of the Town Hall and ensure the surveillance of the public domain of the State;

Sanctions are also provided for by law against offending agents.

As soon as this Decree is published, all members of the former Municipal Police are asked to hand over to the Town Hall all the materials related to this body that they have in their possession. Members of the former Municipal Police are also prohibited from acting and carrying firearms or other weapons on behalf of the Town Hall of Petit-Goâve. In addition, the Town Hall declines all responsibility in relation to the acts of members of this former police force.

IH/ iciHaiti / Guyto Mathieu (Petit-Goâve correspondent)

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