iciHaiti – Petit-Goâve : Feast of Saint-Yves and inauguration of the new bar premises
23/05/2021 10:16:06

iciHaiti - Petit-Goâve : Feast of Saint-Yves and inauguration of the new bar premises

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, the Bar of the jurisdiction of Petit-Goâve chaired by the President of the Bar, Me Milord Anthony, commemorated the feast of Saint-Yves, patron saint of lawyers.

Very early on, the lawyers, members of the bar, most of whom came from other cities, attended a mass which was presided over and sung by Reverend Father Dunès. In his homily, the celebrating priest spoke of the austere, simple life led by Saint Yves, whom he presented as the advocate of the poor and orphans before addressing the conscience of the Magistrate and impartial justice. envy, jealousy in him. He must judge the facts, not the social identity of the one he judges. The judge is called upon to be impartial. He is at the service of justice. He must serve with equity […] Dear Masters, let us work for fair justice.”

After Mass, the lawyers went to the Palace of Justice which houses the Court of First Instance, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the bar.

Magistrate Bellande Dumerzier who acted as dean declared: “Saint Yves was a lawyer but not a thief: something admirable for the people. The immortal Saint Yves was the defender of the poorest, the lawyer of the persecuted, of the weak. He brought help and consolation. He defended litigants before the judges in a disinterested manner. He pleaded for causes without fees.” Moreover, Judge Dumerzier invited the lawyers of the bar to take, like Saint Yves, good actions in favor litigants. “It is our actions that immortalize us. Lawyers, let’s get to work […]”

Subsequently The President of the Bar of the Jurisdiction, Me Milord Anthony, after his circumstance disocurs, proceeded to the inauguration of the new bar called “La maison du Barreau de Petit-Goâve” built on an area of 135 m2 this brand new house built at a cost of 2.8 million gourdes, financed by the contributions of lawyers (es) includes several spaces including the office of the president, the secretariat, the treasury, the lawyers room, the archives bar, a waiting room and two toilets.

IH/ iciHaiti / Guyto Mathieu (Correspondent Petit-Goâve)

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